Evans Manufacturing is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1916. It has changed hands many times but was bought by Rod and Mary Long in 2003, bringing along Rod’s experience in production manufacturing. We’ve come a long way—Having run the business out of the garage in the beginning, we now boast a very capable facility with top-of-the-line machinery. As we’ve grown, our passion for all things manufacturing has remained the same: Solving our customer’s needs by manufacturing quality parts and products.


Even though we started as a team of family members, we have quickly grown and our capabilities have continually increased. The original, humble lineup of machinery has been replaced with modern CNC equipment enabling us to accurately manufacture a broad range of projects with precision. We’ve also acquired other companies over the years, enhancing our service offering with new equipment and product lines. Today, we have laser cutters, press brakes, hardware insertion equipment, welders, as well as CNC wire forming machinery. With Rod Long’s roots in sheet metal fabrication and Evans Manufacturing’s decades of experience making wire parts for the commercial fishing industry, we have a combined suite of disciplines that allows us to offer an extensive range of professional services to our customers.


Evans sets itself apart as a company that values accurate, quality service and meets customer’s custom needs. We know the pain of working with inflexible suppliers and always try to do our best to treat our customer’s priorities as our priorities.