As a fast-paced industry with high demands for sanitation, longevity, and output, choosing a metal fabricator that will ensure quality for your manufacturing orders is essential. Having a reliable vendor who supplies parts on time and with regular communication is necessary.

Evan’s Manufacturing has years of experience in providing parts for food production and processing equipment OEMs. Our attention to detail and passionate team ensure the highest quality for food production equipment components.

Metal Manufacturing for Food Production

Regardless of the level of specificity you need, Evan’s Manufacturing can provide. We specialize in a range of fabrication related to the food production industry, such as sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending, CNC wiring forming and bending, welding, and post-processing.

We recognize that food production demands high levels of sterilization and predominantly utilizes stainless steel. Stainless steel is a common metal at our facilities, and the Evan’s Manufacturing team has extensive experience working with it.

Laser Cutting Services for Food Production

Continual innovation and improvement are essential for the growth of the industry. Laser cutting for food production equipment fabrication has numerous advantages that can save you time and money.

The benefits of metal laser cutting are:

  • Excellent edge quality right off the machine
  • Low production times
  • Competitive costing
  • Repeatable part quality

Metal Fabrication for Food Production

In addition to having laser cutting services available, Evan’s Manufacturing has the capability to fulfill the specifications of your project. In the past, we have made metal components that have been used in food production equipment such as:

  • Industrial ovens
  • Food prep equipment
  • Food processing devices
  • Safety enclosures

Why Choose Us

Clear communication, on-target schedules, and a qualified team of experts are guaranteed at Evan’s Manufacturing. Customer experience and satisfaction are at the core of our business; we aim to keep production operating smoothly and efficiently.

Besides saving you time and money by meeting your timeline and having top-notch in-house metal fabrication, our services are also scalable. Not all food production processes and needs are the same, and we recognize that sometimes you may need one emergency metal component or fifty metal components per month.

Big or Small, We Can Do It All. Let Us Know What You Need.

Evan’s Manufacturing has proven to be an expert metal fabricator. Our experience with the requirements of food processing equipment ensures you receive only the best quality food production metal fabrication components.

Our friendly team of professionals is always ready to help answer any questions or provide quotes, so do not hesitate to reach out and give us a call today!

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