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Trellis Clips

Evans Manufacturing Company has been creating trellis clips and other orchard products since the 1980s. We work closely with local farmers to develop innovative products that promote healthy crops and easy harvesting.

Continue reading to learn more about our industry-leading trellis clip design and how you can use it to speed up trellis line and clip installation in your orchard or berry farm. To place an order for trellis wire clips, contact our team today.

Best Trellis Clips for Orchards, Berry Canes, & Vines

Increasing efficiency is a desire for all farmers, whether they grow apples, berries, or any other crop. One big way that orchard owners can boost the productivity of their employees is by using fruit tree trellis systems that are easy to use and quick to install.

Here at Evans Manufacturing, we’re passionate about helping farmers across Canada and the United States maximize their labor, so we partnered with Canadian farmers Irene and Ludwig Gohly on their innovative trellis clip design, the Universal Trellis Clip.

Now we mass manufacture the Universal Trellis Clip to help farmers everywhere reduce labor costs, grow healthy trees, and minimize time spent on trellis maintenance.


We offer two Universal Trellis Clips:

Small trellis clips; 2 ½” wide
Large trellis clips; 3 ½” wide

That said, as a custom manufacturing company, we also have the capability to fabricate custom trellis clips, so if you need a different geometry or size, get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to create the ideal trellis clip for your orchard or farm.

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Universal Trellis Clip Advantages

Our trellis clips are maximally efficient, requiring 1-2 seconds to install, lasting for the life of the tree, and resistant to high winds, storms, and other environmental disruptions.

The many advantages of our trellis ties come from their intuitive design.

Each trellis clip is made from a single piece of wire, curved into a “U” shape. The left side of the clip features a horizontal eye, while the right side ends in a vertical eye.

To install, simply place the horizontal eye beneath your trellis line and then rotate the clip to the right, clipping the vertical eye over the top of the trellis line. After a few minutes of practice, this whole movement should take less than one second.

The design of the two eyes, one vertical and the other horizontal, locks the clip in place, keeping it firm and pointing in whatever direction you install it. This is ideal for young trees, berry canes, vines, and other plants that require firm support to grow properly.


Additional advantages include:

  • No tools required to install the Universal Trellis Clip.
  • A simple, intuitive design that’s easy for fieldhands to use.
  • Our durable trellis clips are reusable.
  • Can hold a wide variety of crops, including fruit trees, berry canes, vines, and more.
  • Can also hold irrigation tubing.
  • Pairs seamlessly with most trellis wire and tree guides.
  • Is cheaper than competing trellis clips and reduces labor costs, saving your farm valuable resources.

The Universal Trellis Clip is patented in the USA and Canada and is used by farmers around the world.

Trellis Clips

How to Use Trellis Clips

Our durable trellis clips are ideal for high density orchard systems that use steel wire trellis line and metal tree guides to encourage tree growth and support the weight of apple crops.

An apple tree supported by a trellis system from planting time will produce 30% or more crop than a tree without trellis support.


Wire trellis systems are superior to individual tree stakes for many reasons, including:

  • Trellis systems deliver more crop yield.
  • Wire lines and Universal Trellis Clips keep trees from twisting in the wind, reducing branch breaks.
  • Wires offer many more options for branch positioning.

Now that you understand why wire trellis systems are preferable, here’s a brief explanation of how to construct one and how to use our wire trellis ties to promote tree growth and yield.


Step 1. Install Your Posts

When constructing a high-density apple trellis, or “fruiting wall,” the first step is to install your end posts, in-line posts, and tie back posts.

These form the backbone of your trellis and will help your trellis line weather storms and heavy crop loads.

End posts should be driven 4’ into the ground and the height should be slightly taller than your desired tree height.

Anchor posts should also be driven 4’ deep and should tip slightly away from the direction of pull.

In-line posts can be driven between 3-4’ deep and should be spaced roughly 30’ apart on flat terrain and closer on rolling fields.


Step 2. Attach Your Trellis Wire

With your posts in place, now it’s time to attach your trellis line.

For crop-heavy orchard systems, it’s recommended that you use high tensile, Class 3, 12.5 gauge galvanized steel wire for your trellis line.

A trellis wire should be run every 2-2.5’ up your posts and the pressure on your line shouldn’t exceed 200-250 PSI.


Step 3. Use Trellis Clips to Attach Trees to Trellis Wire

As your trees grow, use our Universal Trellis Clip to attach orchard trees to the trellis line.

Whenever the leader branch (vertical stem) reaches the next trellis line, use another trellis clip to hold the branch in place.

This will prevent tree movement and keep trunks straight, while also allowing room for trunk growth.

To promote the health of young trees and to keep freshly planted orchards safe from high winds and hail, we recommend pairing our trellis ties with Evan Manufacturing’s steel wire tree guides.

Protect Young Trees With Our Intuitive Tree Guides

Young trees and fresh branches are susceptible to strong wind, heavy rain, and hail storms.

To help farmers mitigate these environmental risks and protect their trees, we’ve developed a line of tree guides that pair seamlessly with trellis wire systems and are easily locked in place with our trellis clips.


The four steel tree guides we offer include:

  1. Type A; a loose fit, temporary tree guide that hangs on the trellis wire.
  2. Type B; a tight fit tree guide that hangs on the wire but is designed to stay in place for the life of the tree.
  3. Type C; an extended tree guide that’s designed to support mature trees and heavy crop loads.
  4. Type D; a tree guide that extends above the trellis wire and is topped by a loop that supports hail netting.

All our tree guides use the Universal Trellis Clip to lock in place and provide robust support for new trees and young branches.

Learn more about our tree guides here.

Industry-Leading Trellis Clips Near You

For nearly 40 years, Evans Manufacturing has been serving farmers around the world by developing and manufacturing trellis clips and tree guides that reduce labor costs and promote fruit tree trellis systems.

Make the advantages of the Universal Trellis Clip your own by placing an order today.

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