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Evans Manufacturing welding shop provides custom welding services to a wide variety of businesses in the Greater Seattle Area. Whether you’re a start-up looking for help assembling a prototype, a contract manufacturer needing large-scale welding fabrication, or anything in-between, Evans has you covered.

Seattle Custom Welding Services

Our company leadership has been working in metal fabrication and assembly since the late 80s. So we combine decades of experience with the hard-working values of a family-owned business in order to deliver superior custom welding services.

Evans’ custom weld shop offers two kinds of welding:

  1. MIG welding of stainless and steel
  2. TIG welding of stainless, steel, and aluminum

This means we can weld a wide range of products

Why Experience Matters in Welding

Welding is the backbone of most industries. From cars to skyscrapers, consumer goods to healthcare, it is the welder who assembles, tests, and ensures that the world sticks together as it should. This is why it’s important to have your metal fabrication project assembled in an experienced welding shop.

Don’t risk low-quality welds. Here are two ways you can identify a professional welding company:

  • Is there a weld inspector in-house? Welding inspectors do more than simply inspect each weld. They ensure that tools are maintained and that the shop environment is optimized for quality welds.
  • Do welds undergo proper stress relief? Cooling a piece off incorrectly compromises the integrity of the welds, so it’s crucial that welds are kept hot until the piece is ready to be cooled. A quality welding shop will keep welds hot with electricity or hot air until the entire piece is ready to be cooled.

At Evans Manufacturing, we constantly push our team members to exceed the highest standards in the industry. To this end, we have invested heavily in quality control and inspection equipment and training.  So when you receive a completed part from us, you can rest easy knowing that its welds will stand the test of time.

Benefits of Working With a Professional Welding Shop

Partnering with a professional welding company, like Evans Manufacturing Company, has numerous benefits that help you in the short and long term. These advantages include:

  • Save money – Our in-house weld inspector ensures that we get welds right the first time, every time. This reduces your costs as you can spend less time on inspection and quality control.
  • Save time – Because you’re working with the best, you can rest easy, knowing that your products will be delivered on time. Our long history has enabled us to streamline our welding processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Improve your reputation – Since your products will be assembled with high-quality welds, you will be able to offer a better product to your customers, which in turn will improve your company’s reputation.

Looking for A Weld Shop Near You?

If you’re looking for a local welding company that is committed exceeding your expectations, delivering fast results, and maintaining clear and honest communication throughout the welding process, contact Evans Manufacturing today. You can reach us by phone or send us an email via this contact form.


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