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Metal Fabrication for Computers & Technology Industry

The industry of computers and technology has several demands for fabricated metal parts. These demands can range from server cases to cooling systems to full assemblies for desks, mounts, and other equipment supports. Contact Evans Manufacturing today to learn more about how we can help you manufacture parts for the computer and technology industries.

Sheet Metal Cutting Services

At Evans Manufacturing, we use laser cutting for the cost-effective cutting of sheet metal. The setup costs are less than CNC punching, and the run time on sheet metal is much quicker than waterjet cutting, which allows us to run large orders at a lower cost than some more expensive alternatives.

In any parts fabrication sequence, cutting is the first step applied to the materials. You want to choose a reputable sheet metal fabricator to ensure they cut the sheet metal properly to reduce leftover scrap material. Evans Manufacturing will cut each piece of sheet metal to utilize the material as efficiently as possible and reduce costs due to waste.

Ask us about sheet metal laser cutting for:

  • Computer server cases or racks
  • Desk and display components
  • Mounting assemblies
  • Wire management clips and fasteners
  • And more

Metal Fabrication for Computer & Tech Parts

Once we cut the sheet metal, we will bend and weld the components into the necessary parts. Whether you need a metal mounting assembly for a data station or a metal desk assembly to create lab stations in a college or research facility, we can help you fabricate the parts to build it.

At Evans Manufacturing, we offer an assortment of services to fabricate parts for manufacturers in the computer and technology industries, including:

Why Choose Us

Our company is family-owned, and we value integrity and customer service above anything else. We’re responsive, so you know we’ll always answer the phone. At Evans Manufacturing, we help businesses solve problems regarding metal parts fabrication. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality parts as a Tier 2 supplier to specialized manufacturers across several industries.

We offer better service while remaining competitive on pricing. Our setup and production runs work to minimize waste and cost for consistent quality parts. If you’re ever unhappy with your order, we’ll work to make it right.

Contact Evans Manufacturing for Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

Evans Manufacturing can help you meet your client demand in the computers and technology industries. We offer several sheet metal fabrication services to tool the parts necessary to build mounting assemblies, equipment casing, and more.

Call Evans Manufacturing at 360-217-0659, or contact us online for more information about metal fabrication for parts in your computers and technology industry. We proudly serve the areas around Lynnwood, Everett, and Marysville.

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