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We value keeping our commitments

Successfully running a business can be stressful and hard work. Having quality suppliers that support your business in the ways that you need can make your job easier. We are happy to produce your parts at the level of quality you require, to the level of finish you desire, in the time frame you need.

Our passion is all things manufacturing. We enjoy bringing the equipment, technology, and processes together to deliver quality parts as efficiently and productively as possible.

We value our customers’ due dates and needs, always striving to meet or exceed expectations.

We are committed to improving all aspects of our processes so that you never have to worry about your parts not being up to the quality level you require.

We strive to communicate clearly with our customers and be available for them to answer questions or address concerns.


Solutions for all your needs

Evans has invested in modern equipment to meet the needs of the modern business. For example, our laser cutter is a Cincinnati with an nLight light source, which is the most cutting-edge laser light source currently available on the market.

We have also invested in the latest equipment made by Wafios. Wafios machines are made using the most advanced industrial components, control system, and tooling that the market has to offer.

Whether it is our press brakes, our inspection equipment, or other support equipment, we have year after year invested back into our company and replaced old equipment with modern tools that help us serve our customers well.


Our equipment gives us the ability to make parts that meet your specific needs in terms of cost and edge quality. Whatever your requirements are, we seek to meet that.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal is often the most cost effective way to produce parts compared to other processes. It is also usually the fastest method, lending itself to quick turnaround times.


Sheet Metal Bending

If you require your sheet metal parts to be formed, we are happy to do so.


Wire Bending

Wire bending is a great solution for individual parts or components of larger assemblies and weldments. Our modern equipment can produce simple or complex with ease.



We can MIG, TIG, or spot weld in house steel, stainless, and aluminum.


Metal Finishing & Coating

We work with a variety of quality vendors to provide you with complete parts with the coatings or finishes that you need.


Hardware Insertion

Sheet metal parts are often combined with clinch hardware such as nuts, studs, standoffs, etc. We can take care of this for you in house with our Haegar hardware machine.

Parts Marking

With our new Epilog laser, we can laser engrave part numbers, QR codes, or other graphics right on to your parts, or parts that we are making for you.



We know your world

Quality parts delivered on time. Work with a supplier that has the right experience and right equipment to meet the specific needs of your business.

Farmers and agricultural supply companies require their suppliers to be ready to meet seasonal demand. Having a supplier who can support them in a timely manner is extremely important.

Food production and processing equipment manufacturers need responsive suppliers to support their production and assembly processes. Sometimes the unexpected happens and a quick turnaround job is needed. This is why a quality vendor is very important.

Marine and fishing are an industry that needs a vendor with the right tools for the job to keep costs competitive. Evans has the right tools and equipment to provide the services needed at the price and quality required.

Having the ability and knowledge to work with the right materials, as well as the ability to meet deadlines is important to manufacturers of dairy equipment.

The medical industry needs components to be made with the best quality materials and with high quality standards. Having a supplier capable of meeting quality standards is not just a bonus, it’s absolutely necessary.

The pharmaceutical industry needs a reliable vendor to provide quality parts and hit deadlines. Evans meets that need for our customers every day.



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