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About Us


A Passion For Making Parts

Evans Manufacturing’s passion is all things manufacturing. This is what drives us. We truly love all aspects of making parts.


Committed To Delivering On Time

We value our customers’ due dates and needs, always striving to meet or exceed expectations.


Dedicated To Quality

One of our guiding principles is continual improvement in all our processes. We are dedicated to quality in all our processes and services.


Straightforward Open Communication

We communicate openly and honestly with customers about their jobs and projects. We believe we can do more and do it better by developing a strong working relationship where honesty and communication is valued.

Evans Manufacturing Company values keeping our commitments and producing quality products to our customers, providing them with the products they need when they need them. For quick turnaround jobs, we try to be as flexible with our schedule to accommodate requests.

Our Services

Metal Fabrication Experts

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Solution for all your needs.

Evans has invested in the latest technology in 2D laser cutting to cut accurate parts quickly: – a Cincinnati built laser frame with linear drives and an nLight Corona 4KW light source. Our equipment gives us the ability to make parts that meet your specific needs in terms of cost and edge quality. Whatever your requirements are, we seek to meet that.

Metal Fabrication Experts

Sheet Metal Bending Solution for all your needs.

At Evans, we have a long history of experience with sheet metal bending and forming. Our experience with press brakes and tooling for them helps us make complicated parts efficiently as well as assist in design parts to be more easily manufacturable. We can help you with your specific needs.

CNC Wire Bending
Metal Fabrication Experts

CNC Wire Forming & Bending Solution for all your needs.

Evans is proud to own Wafios CNC wire bending machinery to help make consistently accurate wire parts for our customers. Our equipment is the fastest in its class which equals better pricing for our customers. We are excited to help you with your wire production needs.

Metal Fabrication Experts

Welding Solution for all your needs.

Welding goes hand in hand with sheet metal fabrication. If your job requires welding, we have you covered.

Metal Fabrication Experts

Post Processing Solution for all your needs.

Evans Manufacturing can help manage your secondary finishing processes using our network of suppliers. Our experience in the industry has helped us find the people who are capable of doing the job right and on time. Let us help you save time in your busy work day by taking care of this for you.