Pharmaceutical Metal Fabrication

As an industry with very specific requirements for metal components, pharmaceutical equipment must be produced with precision. A reliable vendor is the best way to ensure all of the necessary metal parts are made exactly to order.

Evan’s Manufacturing is a trusted metal fabrication shop that has long served the pharmaceutical industry. Having familiarity with the metal fabrication needs of the pharmaceutical industry sets Evan’s Manufacturing apart from other shops.

Metal Manufacturing for Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the most important aspects of fabricating metal parts for the pharmaceutical industry is the usage of stainless steel. Thanks to Evan’s Manufacturing’s experience producing metal parts that are used in pharmaceutical equipment, we understand the distinctions well.

The pharmaceutical industry usually requires 304 stainless steel, but when extra corrosion resistance is required, 316 stainless steel is used. Evans regularly works with both these grades and keeps stock of many standard thicknesses.

Material tracking and lot traceability are a part of our standard practice. This is not the case for many shops, but we recognize the absolute necessity for traceable materials with regard to equipment used by the pharmaceutical industry.

What We Do

Evan’s Manufacturing offers a wide variety of metal fabrication services. Whether you need products such as components for autoclaves or trays for Covid testing equipment, we can make it. Our team can work with you on custom orders as well.

Some of our metal fabrication services include:

  • Welding
  • Sheet metal bending
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
  • CNC wire forming & bending
  • Post-process management
  • Hardware insertion
  • And more…

Why Work With Us?

Along with being able to make anything to your specifications, Evan’s Manufacturing utilizes our understanding of the pharmaceutical industry to your benefit.

Our shop is kept extremely clean and we have experience with meeting customers’ special requirements for cleanliness or cosmetic appearance.

All orders are meticulously fulfilled. Our team is adept at handling higher production needs, as well as recurring orders. Consistent support is given throughout the entire process.

Work With a Reliable Metal Fabrication Shop

Evan’s Manufacturing is a dependable partner in the pharmaceutical industry. Our team diligently works to produce superior-quality metal parts and is always happy to work together with customers on new projects

We offer reliable timelines, high-quality parts, and clear communication. Customer satisfaction is always our goal. If you would like a quote on a specific order or have any questions, call us today!

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