Metal Coating in Everett, WA

Parts fabrication often needs metal coating in Everett. Evans Manufacturing can add a metal coating to your parts order to help resist corrosion, protect and harden the parts, and add color.

What Is Metal Coating?

Metal coatings come in various types to suit a range of needs. Some coatings provide a seal against oxidation and water damage. Others can increase the hardness of a part’s surface to resist dents, dings, and scratches. Some coatings can even reduce friction between moving parts.

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Sheet Metal Coating Services

Evans Manufacturing offers several types of metal coating services. Add any of these coating options to your parts fabrication order:

  • Powder Coating. This dry-finish coating bonds to the metal during the application process and is resistant to wear and tear. Choose a powder coating finish for industrial parts. Powder coating is an excellent option for steel and aluminum parts.
  • Paint Coating. Choose from an assortment of paint finishes to protect your components. Paint coating offers durable protection, whether you just want to color-code your parts or get long-lasting rust resistance.
  • Galvanizing. With a galvanized protective coating, get rust-resistant protection and an attractive finish on your steel metal parts.
  • Anodizing. Harden the outer layer of your metal parts with an anodizing treatment and is available in different colors for a cosmetic finish also.
  • Chem Conversion or Alodine. Typically used for aluminum, this coating protects aluminum components from corrosion. Applications include the automotive and aerospace industries.

Why Do You Need Protective Metal Coatings?

Make your parts last longer and resist corrosion and other damage while providing an attractive look for your parts. Metal coatings can help your fabricated parts resist wear and tear through repeated daily use in any conditions.

Our Metal Coating Process

We work closely with several local metal coating and finishing companies to provide the best coating quality for your fabricated parts. We want to be your one-stop shop for parts fabrication, from cutting to bending, welding, and coating. As a parts fabrication shop in Everett, we support other local industrial manufacturing businesses by sending them the work we can’t do in-house.

Let us use our connections to your benefit when you order parts fabrication from us. We proudly partner with several other local shops to add protective coating for metal parts, so you don’t have to worry about as many steps in getting your fabricated metal parts.

Why Work with Evans Manufacturing Company

Evans Manufacturing is a family-owned local manufacturer, serving as a tier 2 supplier to several large companies in Everett. We believe in the integrity of providing quality parts to our community and will even deliver large parts orders directly rather than shipping. If you are ever unhappy with an order, we promise to make it right.

Partner with a Dependable Metal Coating Company in Everett

When you need metal coating in Everett as part of your sheet metal parts fabrication order, Evans Manufacturing has you covered. Call us at 360-205-9967 today to inquire about what we can do for you.

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