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    Marine Fabrication

    The marine industry demands vendors who can be responsive within the tight seasonal window of time that we are constrained by. Evans Manufacturing has been reliably providing marine metal fabrication services to the local area for years.

    Evan’s Manufacturing focuses on the overall client experience: clear communication, meeting tight timelines, and producing parts with high quality. Whether your order is large or small, one-time or recurring, a positive experience can be expected every time.

    Metal Manufacturing for the Marine Industry

    A majority of our work focused within the industry centers on marine components. Evans Manufacturing understands the niche needs of the marine industry: we know most marine industry leaders send out to trained manufacturers like Evan’s for parts. We have experience operating as a vendor for various marine-based businesses.

    Some of these businesses are:

    • Commercial fishing gear manufacturers
    • Marine distributors and retailers
    • Marine equipment builders
    • Marine warehouses
    • Large fishing stores

    Larger orders, as typically received from customers such as commercial fishing gear manufacturers, are no problem. However, we are always open to orders of any size and frequency.

    What We Do

    As a marine component manufacturer, Evan’s Manufacturing are skilled at making parts for equipment used in the marine industry. Since we are passionate about what we do, we continually aim to improve our services and products. Whether it’s out of sheet metal, bar, wire, or any other shape of metal, our production work is done with the highest possible quality.

    Making Precise Metal Products To Order

    Evan’s Manufacturing creates metal parts with precision and care.

    Some of the products we have made components for in the past include, boat mounts, trolling gurdies, winches, pump brackets as well as other commercial fishing equipment.

    Aluminum and stainless steel are the go-to metals for marine applications. But it is also common to fabricate parts out of steel and have them galvanized. Evans understands the proper way to handle and work with each of these materials and works with all of them regularly.

    Big or Small, We Can Do It All. Let Us Know What You Need.

    Evans Manufacturing is comprised of a friendly team of professionals with years of experience. We would be happy to quote your project for you.

    Our goal is to provide ever-improving customer service and excellent parts to better support the marine industry. If you have any questions, or would like an order quote, please do not hesitate to give us a call today!

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