Medical Metal Fabrication

For decades, Evan’s Manufacturing has been providing excellent service and products to a variety of industries in the Pacific Northwest region, including the medical industry. Our team possesses all the necessary skills and experience to fulfill your order on time and to your specifications.

Metal Manufacturing for Medical Industry

Metal parts made with high quality and precision are vital to equipment used in the medical industry. An industry working to save and improve lives leaves no room for error. Evan’s Manufacturing understands this central principle and works hard to ensure each part is made to high standards.

Stainless steel is very important to a large range of equipment and tools used in the medical industry. The team at Evan’s Manufacturing has experience working with both the 304 stainless steel series and the 316 stainless steel series. If your order requires either series, we can do it.

What We Do

Evan’s Manufacturing is capable of a multitude of metal fabrication services. Our team works closely with customers to ensure each product is made to order. Regardless of the complexity of your metal parts, we will endeavor to match your specifications.

Our metal fabrication services include:

Evan’s Manufacturing’s Laser Cutting Services are some of the best available in the region. Laser cutting is scalable and versatile. Overall, it allows us to make metal parts more precisely and efficiently, saving the customer time and money.

Customization is also an option. Our team is open to discussing unique design requirements and can help formulate design plans.

Why Work With Us?

Customer satisfaction, integrity, and innovation are core values that drive Evan’s Manufacturing forward. We are not only passionate about making metal parts but improving our processes and products. Continual improvement is always our goal.

Our customers’ value:

  • Reliable delivery timelines
  • Quick metal part turnarounds
  • Good pricing
  • Open communication
  • High quality

We recognize what our customers are searching for in an industry vendor. Partnering with Evan’s Manufacturing means working with a vendor that is passionate, reliable, and communicative.

Contact Evan’s Manufacturing For Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

Evan’s Manufacturing thoroughly understands the needs of the medical equipment industry. This familiarity is an advantage for our industry partners, to whom we guarantee clear communication throughout the entire process, high-quality metal parts, and accurate schedules.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on a specific order, please give us a call today!

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