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Farmers are always searching for practical and more efficient ways to do their job.

An experienced apple grower named Ludwig Gohly designed the Universal Trellis Clips to reduce the time and money he spent on his orchard located in Osoyoos, British Columbia.

Evans Manufacturing Company began working alongside Ludwig, manufacturing the Universal Trellis Clip not only for his orchard, but to benefit many other farmers.

Original Intent

The original intent of the clip or “hook” was for apple tree support and irrigation lines, but it is by no means limited for this purpose. Our products are being successfully used for other fruit trees, along with berry canes and vines.

We manufacture a large and small hook. The wire used for the hooks contain a special galvanized coating that bonds to the metal at the atomic level. Because of this, the clips are corrosion resistant for many years allowing them to be reused.

Ease of Use

Using the hook is very efficient. It requires only one hand to attach the clip or “hook” to the trellis wire, leaving the other hand free to support the tree in its place.

Once connected to the wire, the hook keeps the tree standing firm, even when windy. Not only is it easy and fast, the hook is more economical than other products on the market. Since the time spent in the orchard is reduced, labor costs are lower.

No tools are required or recommended for using the clip. Removal of the hook is just as easy when removing trees or switching hook sizes for larger trees.

Since 2010, we at Evans Manufacturing Company have been producing the Universal Trellis Clip in Arlington, WA, continuing Ludwig’s business mission that farmers have the products they need to do their job efficiently when they need them.

Our clips are used around the world and have given farmers the competitive edge they need in today’s world market

The Universal Trellis Clip

Our easy-to-use trellis clips provide a number of advantages, including:

  • Designed to support apple trees, berry canes, and vines
  • Holds irrigation tubing
  • Saves time and installation costs
  • Requires no tools
  • Reusable
  • Patented in the USA and Canada

To start using our trellis clip in your orchard, order your Universal Trellis Clips today.

Orchard Hardware Tree Guides

In addition to trellis clips, we also offer a series of intuitive tree guides. From loose temporary guides to robust hail-netting support guides, our orchard supply shop has all the equipment you need to help your trees grow straight. 


Benefits of Our Orchard Garden Supply Tree Guides

Some of the advantages delivered by our leading orchard supplies include:

  • Provides a stiff, but flexible support for training of young branches or trees
  • Saves time and installation costs
  • Customized length and order quantities, based on your orchard needs
  • Replaces Bamboo
  • Reusable
  • Patented

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Our Four Types of Tree Guide


Type A: Loose Fit – Install video >

Our Type A tree guides have a gap at the top that allows you to easily snap them into position on your trellis wire. This guide should be installed on the same side of the trellis wire as the tree and no tools are required for installation.

This guide pairs easily with our Universal Trellis Clip, with the clip going around the guide and tree. Once your tree reaches the top of your guide, simply twist and pull your guide off the trellis wire and reinstall it on a new planting.


Type B: Firm Fit – Install video >

Our Type B orchard hardware features a tighter fit than our Type A guides. These guides are designed to stay in place for the entire life of the tree, so are secure, firm, and lock in place.

This piece of apple orchard supplies needs to be installed on the opposite side of the trellis wire as the tree and should be locked in place by looping one end of our Universal Trellis Clip around both the wire and the guide.


Type C: Extended Fit – Install video >

Our extended fit tree guide is ideal for taller trees that require support throughout the duration of their life. Because this guide is so long, it needs to be attached to the trellis wire in three places and is locked in place using the same trellis clip method described in the Type B description.

In addition to height and locking requirements, another difference between our Type C orchards hardware and our Type A & B guides is that Type C guides lack the snap-in-place loop at the top of the guide. Instead, this guide has a loop in the middle that hangs off the middle trellis wire. This provides stronger support throughout the guide and helps the wire hold up under the weight of apples.


Type D: Hail Netting – Install video >

Our Hail Netting tree guide is nearly identical in design and installation to our Type C guides. The only difference is that our Hail Netting orchard supplies come with a loop at the top to provide support for orchard hail netting.

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