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Have a project that you need metal fabrication services for?

Evan’s Manufacturing is here to be the solution to your fabrication needs. We offer a variety of Seattle metal fabrication and the surrounding areas.

Some of our most commonly requested metal fabrication services are listed below. If you have questions for us about whether or not we can complete your specific project, give our team a call today.

We manufacture a number of different products including household items, pet supplies, tech, and office supplies.

A Passion For Quality Metal Fabrication Services

Here at Evan’s Manufacturing, we believe in providing our clients quality metal fabrication services on time. Whether you need expert sheet metal bending or laser cutting, wire forming, or welding, our team is committed to providing you unmatched precision work.\

We understand the unique needs of those who require metal fabrication services and want to be of the most help to you and your company possible. If you have questions about our services or want to learn more about any of the particular services that we offer, give Evan’s Manufacturing a call today.

Services We Offer

Areas We Serve

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Our Proprietary Products

We employ a team of versatile metal fabrication experts who are able to turn the concepts of our clients into hard and fast products.

We leave no projects unfinished and make sure that quality manufacturing is used to get each item done in time.

Springs, Clips, Connectors, and Snaps

Evan’s Manufacturing has been an industry-leading wire former since 1916. Our robust springs, clips, and other wire bends are manufactured on a variety of equipment, from four-slide machines, to CNC wire formers, to man-powered machines. Evan’s extensive experience and dedication to quality can be seen in how our wire-based products stand the test of time. We offer our wire-bending services in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Fishing Gear

Our most popular fishing product, the corkscrew connector, is sold by distributors all over the West Coast and is used by thousands of United States commercial fishermen. We also fabricate a wide range of other fishing gear, including sinker eyes, connecting links, gaff hooks, spreader bars, and trolling floats.

Orchard Products

Evan’s supports the farmers of America by fabricating efficient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective orchard stabilizing products. One product, our Universal Trellis Clip, is designed to support a variety of trees and vines and has an innovative shape that drastically reduces installation costs and saves time. Another orchard product, our Tree Guide, is crafted to connect quickly to your trellis line and provides reliable training support for young branches and trees.

At Evan’s Manufacturing, we combine longevity fabrication techniques with convenience in such a way that ensures these products will be the last ones that you need.

Our Metal Fabrication Team Can Help You

Here at Evan’s Manufacturing, we value convenience and quality products immensely. We know how difficult it is to find products that match your needs and accommodate your lifestyle and want to be the answer to your metal fabrication product needs. If you have additional questions about our products or services, give our team a call today.