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Finding a metal parts manufacturer in the Greater Seattle Area can be challenging if you are looking for help with smaller projects like prototyping, small-scale orders, or one-offs for personal use.

Here at Evans Manufacturing, we understand your struggle, which is why we take pride in working with every kind of customer. So whether you’re a large company, or a small start-up looking for a one-off prototype, we have you covered.

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Custom Metal Parts Fabrication

We’re a family-owned company and our leadership has been working in metal parts manufacturing since the 1980s. As a result, we are committed to creating quality products, delivered with integrity, and supported by clear communication.

To help you bring your sheet metal project to life, we offer five kinds of custom metal parts manufacturing services:

Dependable Precision Parts Manufacturing

Our decades of experience have enabled us to streamline the metal parts fabrication process into a smooth experience for our clients. From the initial inquiry to the quoting process, and from placing your order, through manufacturing, and finally, shipment — every step in the process is optimized for straightforward communication, quality, and maximum efficiency.

One example of our manufacturing prowess is our very own corkscrew connector. We have been consistently raising the standard for what is considered a quality connector and never stop improving and refining our design. Now, our famous connectors are used by hundreds of commercial fishing companies across the United States.

Benefits of Partnering With a Professional Precision Parts Manufacturer

Working with an experienced and reputable precision parts manufacturer, like Evans Manufacturing, offers many advantages, including:

  • Protect your reputation – By working with the best, you ensure that your products are manufactured to high standards. This means you’re able to offer higher quality parts to your customers, which will cause them to associate your company with strong, reliable products.
  • Save time – By partnering with the experts, you ensure that deadlines are met and problems don’t slow down production. Our metal manufacturing processes are optimized for high-grade efficiency.
  • Save money – We have in-house inspectors and quality-control specialists who ensure that every weld and cut is done to specification and undergoes proper stress relief and testing.

A Trusted Metal Parts Manufacturer Near You

Here at Evans Manufacturing Company, we serve businesses and individuals whose products aren’t large enough or don’t meet the minimum volume requirements for most manufacturers. We’re proud to serve Washington businesses and individuals looking for smaller orders, prototypes, and metal fabrication for personal use.

If you need help with a small-to-medium sized metal fabrication project, contact Evans Manufacturing Company today. You can call us or fill in our contact form to send us an email.

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