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Do you need custom-made parts to use in your specialized industry processes in Edmonds, WA? At Evans Manufacturing Company, we build custom mechanical parts from sheet metal to support several local industries, including the agricultural, marine, security, and medical industries, among others.

We can supply you with carefully crafted sheet metal fabricated parts from laser-cutting to bending and welding.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication in Edmonds

Sheet metal parts fabrication includes the steps from laser-cutting sheet metal into forms to bending the cut pieces into form to make a custom part. We can weld pieces together, then send your parts to apply your preferred metal coating, whether that’s powder-coating, paint, galvanization, or another process.

We can also use laser engraving to label your parts with ID numbers, QR codes, logos, and other designs you may need to manage parts inventory, add scannable user manuals, and more.

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we supply precision sheet metal fabrication for several Edmonds Industries, including:

  • Dairy
  • Food Production
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Energy
  • Computer Technology
  • And more

Why Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication Matters

Our sheet metal fabrication shop is family-owned and -operated. While we may not always be the cheapest option, as a smaller sheet metal fabrication company, we can focus on problem-solving for our customers to provide parts that offer solutions to your problems.

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we strive to provide customers with consistent quality parts. We offer responsive sheet metal fabrication services for competitive pricing similar to other fabrication companies in the area. If you ever have a problem with an order, we will do our best to make it right.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services


We offer several sheet metal forming services, including:

  • Sheet metal laser cutting. Laser cutting offers higher accuracy than plasma cutting, faster speed than waterjet cutting, quicker setups than CNC punch presses, and for most applications results in the lowest part cost. Our laser-cutter can cut up to 1” thick steel plate and up to ¾” thick stainless steel and aluminum
  • Sheet metal bending. Once we cut your parts, we can bend them to your specifications.
  • Welding. We offer MIG and TIG welding for custom sheet metal parts.
  • Metal finishing. Graining, deburring, tumbling, electropolishing, passivation, and many more, we will custom-finish your metal parts in-house or send them out to companies that specialize in those processes if we don’t do the in-house ourselves.
  • Metal coating. Protect your parts from the elements with powder-coating, painting, galvanizing, or other processes.
  • Metal parts engraving. Include part IDs, QR codes, and more in your metal parts.

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Choose Evans Manufacturing Company for your sheet metal fabrication in Edmonds, WA. We pride ourselves on providing custom solutions with sheet metal parts fabrication for our customers and will even personally deliver orders to your door on our own trucks. Call us today.


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