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When your product absolutely needs to prioritize longevity and durability, having a premium custom sheet metal fabrication is very important. With expert technique and artisan craftsmanship, sheet metal products can reach an incredible degree of robustness and quality.

Our sheet metal fabrication Lynnwood services are ideal for any project that demands top quality. The team here at Evans Manufacturing is here to help you with whatever kind of custom sheet metal project you may have.


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Benefits of Using Our Sheet Metal in Your Project

Our sheet metal shop here at Evans Manufacturing is dedicated to satisfying any sheet metal fabrication need that your Lynnwood business may have.

There are countless benefits to working with a local sheet metal fabrication company, including:

  • Maximum durability of your product. When you opt to have your sheet metal products fabricated by a professional shop, you’re ensuring that they’ll achieve peak levels of durability and be structurally superior to those from sheet metal shops that cut corners.
  • Wide selection of custom sheet metal finishes. Our Lynnwood sheet metal fabrication services flex to your needs, granting you a plethora of options for custom finishes that give your product the desired effect and appearance.
  • The flexibility of the timeline. Have time constraints on your sheet metal project? Working with our sheet metal fabrication shop in Lynnwood gives you all the flexibility you could ever need. Create your product with confidence that you’ll meet your project deadline.
  • Total customizability. If your Lynnwood business has particular specs for your metal fabrication project, we’ve got you covered. Evans Manufacturing offers a substantially wider range of materials than most shops. Choose from copper, steel, titanium, brass, or anything else that we’ve got in stock. Experience maximal creative potential as a project designer.


Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Evans Manufacturing provides a range of sheet metal fabrication services. No matter what kind of requirements your project has, you’ll find everything you need at our metal fabrication shop.

The following are our most commonly provided services:

  • Sheet metal bending
  • Sheet metal fabrication services
  • Sheet metal cutting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • CNC wire forming and bending
  • Welding
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Post-processing

Our years of experience have taught us that no two projects are the same, so having flexible options in a project is paramount. We’re here to assist you in any way that we can to ensure that your metal fabrication project is executed with the highest level of professionalism.

If you have specific questions about our metal fabrication services or need more information about which service you may need, give us a call today.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Company in Lynnwood

As Lynnwood continues to develop and prosper into a more urbanized environment, more and more businesses have been seeking out a trustworthy sheet metal fabrication company that can give them an edge in their product or project:

  • Longer lasting products
  • Aesthetically pleasing results
  • Confidence from working with a time-tested team of experts
  • Expert sheet metal advice to answer your every question
  • Foresight on the costs that will go into your project; no surprises

Working with Evans Manufacturing means working with a company that puts your needs in the highest order of importance.


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Have you been looking for a dependable sheet metal fabrication shop in Lynnwood? Evans Manufacturing is your go-to.

We know it can be a challenge to locate products that align with your needs and desired lifestyle. That’s why we provide you with a premium end-to-end experience that ensures your product will be developed with the highest quality sheet metal fabrication services possible.

To learn more about our team, our offering, and how we can work together on your next project, click here to contact us today.


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  • Lynnwood Welding Services
  • Lynnwood Metal Parts
  • Lynnwood Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
  • Lynnwood Metal Finishing
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