Metal Laser Engraving and Parts Marking

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we offer full customization of your fabricated metal parts, including metal laser engraving and part marking. We provide in-house engraving services with our dual-source fiber optic laser and CO2 laser engraving system. For metal marking of your sheet metal fabricated parts, we can use our fiber optic laser to add any design you want, from serial numbers to QR codes.

Contact us at our family-owned sheet metal fabrication and metal laser etching shop for more information on our custom parts fabrication and laser marking services.

What Is Metal Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving removes small particles of material from the surface of the sheet metal to create a permanent design on the surface of the metal. 

Sometimes engraving quality is very subjective, we’ll ask you some questions on what you’re looking for to narrow in on getting the exact quality that you want for the price point you desire. We can even provide you with a sample if necessary.

Sheet Metal Laser Engraving & Parts Marking Services

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we offer laser engraving services to meet customer demand for permanent markings on metal parts, including:

  • Part Numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • QR codes
  • Logos
  • Names
  • Marked measurements
  • Graphic decoration
  • And more custom solutions

As a fully custom metal parts fabrication shop, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customer requests. We’re family-owned and strive for integrity in producing top-quality parts and metal engraving. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, we will make it right.

The Precision Laser Engraving Capabilities

Our dual-source laser offers precision laser marking for any material utilizing different wavelengths for each laser source. At Evans Manufacturing Company, we can offer metal etching with a fiberoptic laser after fabricating your sheet metal parts. We can also offer CO2 laser engraving services for other materials.

  • Fiber Optic Laser Engraving: laser etching metal requires a fiber optic laser to remove the metal material, creating the designs on the surface of the metal. Since we’re already making your metal parts, we use the fiber optic laser most often for laser engraving metal parts with part numbers, logos, and more. 
  • CO2 Laser Engraving: other materials such as wood, leather, marble, glass, and others require a versatile CO2 laser to engrave or cut designs. We are happy to quote engraving services for non-metal materials using our CO2 laser engraving system.


Our Laser Engraving Process

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we offer fully custom sheet metal parts fabrication and metal laser engraving. Once we cut, bend, and fabricate your parts, we can add laser marking to your components, including part numbers, serial numbers, company information, barcodes, QR codes, and other metal etching services.

With our dual-source laser marking service, we can add laser etching on metal for your sheet metal parts or switch to our CO2 laser engraving system for marking parts made from other materials. If you ordered PVC or acrylic parts from a supplier and realized that you needed them marked with serial numbers, we might be able to help. Contact us to inquire about non-metal parts marking.

Advantages of Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is one option for marking parts or other metal objects. Other options include:

  • Inkjet
  • Stamping
  • Dot peening/pin marking
  • Metal milling
  • Scribing

Laser engraving has several advantages regarding cost, scrap, and contact with the material. Additionally, we can program our metal laser engraving machines to automate the process, improving speed and design quality.

The other methods also require the tool to come directly into contact with the metal, leading to inconsistency in the final product. Our laser marking service never makes physical contact with the sheet metal material.

Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Metal Engraving Manufacturer

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we’re proud to offer our customers high-quality custom sheet metal parts. We strive to provide our neighbors with the best in sheet metal parts fabrication and metal etching, and we support our quality with our promise to make it right if you are ever unsatisfied with an order.

We will deliver your parts directly in our trucks and vans for local parts orders. You can feel confident knowing that we’re making your parts in-house in Marysville, WA.

Types of Metal Engraved Materials

Trust our laser engraving service for permanent metal etching of any of our standard sheet metal materials, including aluminum and steel. Our laser marking service includes laser-cut sheet metal parts, complete part assemblies, and small parts.

Will Laser Engraving Wear Off?

Laser engraving is permanent and can withstand heavy wear from constant use for years. By removing material when laser engraving metal, the only way for laser engraving to wear off is if the metal around the engraving wears down.

Your Trusted Laser Engraving Company

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we enjoy producing high-quality, consistent fabricated metal parts. We are a family-owned business focused on offering the most responsive service to meet customer demand and exceed expectations in quality and service. We pride ourselves on the best customer service at competitive prices.

Call us at Evans Manufacturing Company at 360-842-0552 or contact us online to inquire about sheet metal parts fabrication.

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