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Does your Lynnwood business need a welder? Many industries utilize welding services. Evans Manufacturing Co. is the best welding shop around because we hire top welding experts who have years of experience. We offer custom welding services in Lynnwood and can help you with any project that you might have.


Areas We Serve:



Sheet Metal Bending

We provide sheet metal bending services in addition to our custom welding services. Sheet metal bending involves creating unique shapes out of sheet metal using precise angles and specialized tools. When you combine our sheet metal bending with our precision welding services, you can get complex pieces of metal created exactly to your specifications.

If you commission our sheet metal bending work, you can feel confident that you will receive top-quality materials. We can combine multiple pieces of sheet metal using our welding fabrication to ensure your final product is strong and secure.


Custom Welding Services in Lynnwood

We offer custom precision welding services. No matter what type of project you are working on, we can be of service to you. We have experience with big contracts welding multiple large pieces of machinery. We are also happy to help you with smaller, one-time projects. 

We have experience with complex projects in addition to simple welds. No matter what you need, our welding company is here to help you.


Importance of Choosing a Quality Precision Welding Service

Hiring a high-quality professional welding service is essential. If you don’t hire professionals for the job, you risk having a weak final product, leading to product or even safety issues. Professional welders will take the time on their projects to weld properly and make sure your product is exactly what you wanted.

Low-Quality Welding Issues

There are a few common problems associated with poor welding techniques:

  • Heat cracks: This can happen during the welding or crystallization process, compromising the stability of the welded product and impacting its quality.
  • Porosity: This happens when gas gets trapped inside the weld, which also weakens the final product and can cause it to break down faster than it should.
  • Improper fusion: This happens when the pieces aren’t welded correctly. It usually causes a gap between the two pieces of metal and can cause the whole product to fall apart.
  • Spatter: This happens when small pieces of metal become attached to other surfaces. It usually doesn’t cause structural or stability issues with the weld but causes it to look unfinished or irregular.

Benefits of Working With a Welding Expert

Prevent the problems above from happening to you by hiring professional welders from Evans Manufacturing Co. for all of your future welding needs. When you work with us, you will receive numerous advantages compared to working with a low-quality company.


Even though we may take longer to complete a welding project than some of our competitors, you will save money by working with us. That’s because our timeline for each project includes quality control procedures to make sure we get everything right the first time. When you work with us, you feel confident that your product will be strong and stable because we guarantee it.

Reliable Timelines

We have been welding for generations and therefore have a streamlined process that we apply to each project. We can make accurate estimates for how long each project will take. We will not be late with your commission, and you can count on us. Our welding projects last because we use quality materials and weld with proper techniques. You will save time in the long run by not needing our services again.


Contact a Reliable Welding Services Company in Lynnwood Today

Evans Manufacturing Co. hires experienced and professional welders. We are the perfect choice for your next project. We take the time to create high-quality products and frequently assess for quality. 

If you live in Lynnwood and need a welding expert, consider Evans Manufacturing Co. You can contact us to receive a quote for your next project. Call today at (360) 205-9967.


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