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Here at Evans Manufacturing, we offer welding services in Everett to ensure that businesses, homeowners, and creatives have a place to go when they’re looking for high-quality welds.

Our skilled welding professionals are proud to offer welding services to a number of different industries and would be happy to provide you with the welding expertise that you need to complete a stunning project.

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Our Welding Services in Everett

Every industry, from construction to vehicle manufacturing, requires welding services to fabricate their products. Without highly-skilled and trained welding professionals, these industries would deliver sub-par products that break down quickly and need frequent repairs.

Rather than risk low-quality welding services and consequently low-quality products, work with a welding shop that values technique and has the training needed to help you create the best products possible.

Here at Evans Manufacturing, we offer two high-quality welding services in Everett:

  1. MIG stainless steel welding services Everett
  2. TIG aluminum and stainless steel welding services Everett

Our team is committed to providing the highest-quality welding services possible. We do this by ensuring the proper stress-relief of welds as well as having an in-house weld inspector make sure that the working conditions of our shop are optimal.

If you have any questions about our welding capabilities, technique, or pricing, please contact Evans Manufacturing today.


welding services in Everett

Why Evans Manufacturing?

Partnering with Evans Manufacturing ensures that you receive high-quality welds in a timely manner. From simple prototype projects to complex on-going welding assignments, our family-owned shop has the technology and talent necessary to meet your deadlines and keep costs low.

Additionally, our capable and motivated staff prioritize customer service and communication, so you’ll be able to get all your welding questions answered.

We’ve invested in the technology and training required to deliver superior welding results. So when you receive welded parts from Evans, you can rest easy knowing that they are free from spatter, heat cracks, porosity, and other signs of subpar welding.

Rather than take the risk of cheap, low-quality welding, get the welding services that you deserve by contacting our Everett welding shop today.


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Our team of passionate welding professionals would be more than happy to discuss your project with you, go over your timeline, and create a custom quote for your welding needs. We’d be honored to help you take your vision to the next stages in its manufacturing journey, just give us a call and let us know how we can help.

To learn more about our welding services in Everett, our pricing, or to request a custom quote for your project, contact Evans Manufacturing today.

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