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When you order parts from Evans Manufacturing, you want those parts to look good and resist damage from oxidation and moisture. We offer multiple finishing options to protect your parts from the elements and give them an attractive look.

What Is Metal Finishing?

Metal finishing refers to the processes involved in giving a fabricated piece its final look. A finish can be a coating, texture, or look applied to the final fabricated part.

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Sheet Metal Finishing Services

Evans Manufacturing offers a range of finishing services for discerning customers. Whether you need your parts painted in three layers of industrial marine paint or want a subtle brushed appearance, we can provide a beautiful final look for your parts.

We offer some finishing in-house, and work with a range of finishing suppliers to help us fabricate your parts to order.

Metal Coating

Create a barrier between your metal parts and the elements with a protective coating. Even a few layers of paint can extend the life of your sheet metal parts by years, blocking oxygen and water from creating rust.

Our metal coating options include (but are not limited to):

  • Paint
  • Anodizing
  • Powder coating
  • Galvanizing
  • and more


Get the look of brushed metal with metal graining. If your parts would look nice with a grain finish, we can source this custom metal finishing for your parts in various grain patterns.


Let us engrave or etch your fabricated parts order. Ask us to engrave parts numbers, QR codes, artistic designs, and more. We can engrave in-house with our dual-source marking and engraving laser. Our laser uses CO2 and fiber laser engraving, allowing us to work with a full range of materials that having only a single source machine wouldn’t allow us to do.


Get smooth edges for your parts with our deburring processes on your finished metal parts. Deburring removes rough edges from cutting.


Also called “vibratory finishing,” tumbling finishes metal pieces by grinding with an abrasive medium in a large shaker vat that vibrates the media against the parts to produce the desired finish.


Electropolishing involves dipping metal into a chemical solution and using a DC current through the solution to remove surface impurities and dissolve hills and valleys in the metal for shine and sterility.


A non-electrolytic process to smooth and finish metal removes free iron from the outer layers and forms a protective coating to resist rusting.

Our Metal Finishing Process

At Evans Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with consistent quality parts as a reliable Tier 2 supplier. Whether you want smooth metal edges or complete protection from the elements, we’re ready to provide the right finish for the job.

Why Work with Evans Manufacturing Company

Our company is family-owned and values integrity and customer satisfaction above any other goal. We promise that if any customer is not completely satisfied with an order, we will make it right.

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