Tools Every Sheet Metal Shop Needs

2 August, 2023

Metal fabrication is the procedure of putting together structures. This process involves utilizing a broad range of different processes like bending, cutting as well as welding.

To be successful, you will have to use a selection of tools for metal fabrication, all of which will require various levels of skill and patience.


Essential Metal Working Tools

The economy is dependent on metal fabrication procedures and metal working tools. Without these, we wouldn’t have the ability to run our electrical systems or – alternatively – create the aspects that keep our houses, kitchens, businesses, computers – as well as vehicles – operational.

Several metal product examples may include bolts and screws, cutlery, pipe fittings, car parts, and even hand tools.


Plasma Cutting Table

A plasma cutting table is a type of thermal cutting tool. It is a cousin of the laser cutter. It vaporizes metals into a powder format and then removes them utilizing a high stream of air or gases that emanate from the cut zone.


Angle Grinder

The second on our metal fabrication tools list is the angle grinder. Also called a side grinder or – alternatively – a disc grinder, it is a handheld power tool that is utilized for grinding (abrasive cutting) as well as polishing.

Even though originally developed as tools for rigid abrasive discs, the accessibility of an interchangeable power source has motivated their usage with a wide range of cutters and attachments.


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A bandsaw (also spelled as ‘band saw’) is a power saw that has a long, sharp blade that consists of an unbroken band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels to cut the material.

They are used mainly in woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering, however, they may cut many different materials.


Die Grinder

A die grinder, which is also called a rotary tool, is a handheld power tool that is for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining material (usually metal but plastic or wood as well).


Press Brake

A press brake is one of the tools used for metal fabrication. It is utilized for bending sheet metal as well as metal plates.

However, generally, it is used on sheet metal. This particular metal working tool shapes predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching top tool together with the bottom die.


Bending Tools

When working with sheet metal, some form of sheet metal bending or fabrication tools are needed. Sheet metal working hand tools include hand seamers, benders, and folding tools.


Metal Nibbler

A metal nibbler is a sheet metal cutting tool that quickly reciprocates a punch to cut, or ‘nibble’ away at, very small pieces of metal.

This continuous motion gives the tool the ability to cut through a wide range of sheet materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, fiberglass, plastic, and soft materials such as paper or very thin cardboard.



A fastener is a non-permanent or permanent mechanical tool that securely connects or affixes two surfaces or objects together. Non-permanent fasteners can be removed easily without damaging the joined materials.

The elimination of permanent fasteners may need substantial force and could very well damage the connected surfaces. Permanent fasteners are designed to be a long-lasting type of secure connection.

The broad range of fasteners includes screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and washers which come in a variety of sizes, types, and configurations. Fasteners are one of the most utilized tools for building, fabricating, and configuring a  broad variety of products and industrial equipment.


Wire Cutter

Wire cutters are usually used in order to cut copper, brass, iron, aluminum as well as steel wire. A number of these types of tools for metals have insulated handles making sure that you will not be shocked by the wires that you’re working with. Diagonal cutters have overlapping jaws that cut the wire at an angle, which leaves a flat tip.


Flange And Punch Tool

This dual-purpose tool punches very precise holes for welding or fastener use. It then crimps sheet metal to form stronger lap joints.


Marking Tools

The marking tool is utilized to mark a job or workpiece to get an accurate size and shape. Before utilizing marking tools on a job or workpiece, firstly use marking media on it so that it is possible to see what is being marked. Another term for a marking tool is a marking-out tool.


Beam Lines

Beam drill lines precisely drill holes in several steel profiles, at various lengths with CNC-controlled programming. These machines remove the requirement to manually chalk or layout the positions and then produce the hole by hand with a mag drill, punch, or – alternatively – plasma.


Throatless Shear

A throatless shear is a cutting tool that is utilized to make complex straight and curved cuts in sheet metal.

The throat less shear gets its name from the fact that the metal can be moved freely around the cutting blade (it does not have a throat down which metal needs to be fed), allowing fantastic flexibility in shapes that can be cut.


Planishing Hammer

A planishing hammer is used during the process of planishing. Planishing] is a metalworking technique that involves finishing the surface of sheet metal via finely shaping and then smoothing it.



Stretchers are utilized to generate smooth radius curves in sheet metal without the need for cutting, welding, heating, or hammering. The shrinker contracts the metal for inside curves and the stretcher will expand the metal for outside curves.


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Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE)

Auto-Darkening Helmet

Auto-darkening helmets work by sensing the light that is emitted by the arc and electronically activating a liquid crystal filter within the lens to darken to a preselected shade and protect the welder’s face and eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation (UV/IR).


Vision and Hearing Protection

Vision and hearing protection – such as safety goggles and earmuffs – are a prerequisite in a metal shop.


Protective Clothing

People who work in a metal shop need to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants as well as leather boots or study closed-top shoes.


Safety Gear

Workers in a metal shop need safety gear such as dust masks and face shields.


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