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Do you need custom parts manufacturing in Edmonds, WA? At Evans Manufacturing Company, we offer sheet metal fabrication for all kinds of parts, whether you need a bulk order or a one-off solution. Our custom metal fabrication processes support several local industries, including agriculture, energy, fishing, and more.

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What Is Metal Fabrication?

Our small metal fabrication shop team loves helping customers develop custom solutions to their problems, whether it’s a simple design or something more complex, like reverse-engineering a replacement part for an older piece of equipment.

We can take your custom part order from design through cutting and bending, then add the finishing touches with a metal coating, laser engraving, and post-processing. Whether you need a large order for your manufacturing company or a single-part custom solution, we’re ready to help.

Edmonds Fabrication Products We Offer

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality, custom, precision metal fabrication for our client’s parts.

At our metal fabrication company, we offer custom metal fabrication to support several local and national industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Dairy
  • Fisheries
  • Marine and boating
  • Medicine
  • Security
  • Energy
  • Computers and technology
  • Food Production
  • Manufacturing
  • And more

No matter what kind of metal fabrication solution you need in your industry, we’re the metal fabricator in Edmonds that can help you make it.

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Metal Fabrication Services Offered in Edmonds

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we offer several metal fabrication services to create your custom parts. We have some of the top tools in the industry for any metal fabricator in the area and can laser cut, bend, weld, coat, treat, engrave, and more to create your custom metal parts.

Laser Cutting Services

The first step in any project is to cut the necessary shapes out of the sheet metal panels. We use a Cincinnati laser frame and nLight Corona 4kW light source laser.

Sheet Metal Bending

Some parts require bending into shape. We can create nearly any shape you might need for a part, including hems, seams, or angles of nearly any degree.

Welding Services

You may need welding to add support, connect pieces of a part, or as part of the final assembly. Our professional welders can use either MIG or TIG welding for aluminum, steel, and stainless metal parts.

Metal Finishing

Let us help you have your parts finished as you require. Some options include electropolishing, passivation, and similar processes.

Metal Coating

Durable metal coatings can help your metal parts resist corrosion, friction, and other issues with special paints, powder coating, anodizing, and other processes.

Post-Processing Services

We can also grain or brush finish, engrave, stud weld, and insert hardware for finished pieces, depending on your needs.

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Why Choose Evans Manufacturing Company?

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we’re family-owned and have served the Edmonds area for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on integrity and customer service. If a client is ever not completely satisfied with their order, we will do our best to make it right.

We are often a tier 2 supplier for large manufacturers, but our team is also happy to help any client with a custom metal fabrication order. We can help you design a custom solution from scratch, reverse-engineer a replacement part, or develop a standard pattern for bulk or recurring order.

Contact an Edmonds Metal Fabrication Shop Today

For metal fabrication of your custom parts in Edmonds, WA, contact us at Evans Manufacturing Company. We’re ready to help you get the parts you need for your personal, manufacturing, or industry solutions. Call us today or contact us online to get a quote for your custom metal fabricated parts.

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