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Evan’s Manufacturing has extensive experience with metal fabrication, providing local areas with impeccable service. We are likely able to make any part you may need out of rod, wire, flat bar,l, angle, sheet metal, etc. Making metal parts, complete with full assembly, is one of our standard services.

We are always happy to undertake production work of any scale, and prioritize client satisfaction. Your project timelines and specifications are at the forefront of every order.

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Metal Fabrication Services Offered in Arlington

Trusted Metal Fabrication in Arlington

Metal fabrication refers to cutting, bending, and shaping metal into the required shapes and sizes. The metal fabrication services available in Arlington include Evan’s Manufacturing’s full range. We receive the raw metal and work it into your ordered parts.

Evan’s Manufacturing is reliable for repeatable orders, large and small, because we center the required timelines. Additionally, we can work with you from the inception of an idea through to the materialization. You can expect clear communication at all times.

We try our best to save you as much time and cost as possible. For example, our team can review designs to eliminate unnecessary welding一an expensive process. Our team’s experience means materials and time will not be wasted.

Metal Fabrication Processes

Since we have an intimate understanding of many local industries that rely on fabricated metal parts, we are capable of most fabrication processes.

These processes include:
  • Laser Cutting
  • Sawing
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Countersinking
  • Tapping
  • Hardware Insertion

If your order calls for unique metal fabrication or processing, our team is more than happy to discuss specifications.

Working With Your Local Metal Fabrication Experts

Evan’s Manufacturing is capable of creating parts to be used in a wide range of equipment.  Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel are regularly used materials in our shop, and our parts are consistently made with precision.

Some of the applications our fabricated metal parts have been used in are:
  • Machine guards
  • Machine enclosures
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Industrial Lifting equipment
  • Bio Weapon detection equipment
  • And more

Our services are scalable, so if your order sizes occasionally increase or decrease, it is absolutely no problem.

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We are genuinely passionate about our work. Building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients is at the core of Evan’s Manufacturing. Our team of experts are friendly, experienced, and continually looking to improve. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to reach out today. Let us know what you need!

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