Hardware Insertion in Everett, WA

Hardware insertion describes the process of joining different types of fastener hardware to sheet metal, such as nuts, threaded studs, standoffs, and many other options. Inserting hardware into sheet metal requires a hole to be pre-cut into the part at the exact size for the desired style of press or “clinch” hardware, often referred to as “Pem” hardware. Choose our family-owned metal parts fabrication shop at Evans Manufacturing for hardware insertion in Everett, WA.

hardware insertion in Everett

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Hardware Insertion Services in Everett

At Evans Manufacturing, we offer hardware insertion for multiple fastener styles using our Haeger hardware insertion machines, including:

  • Studs
  • Nuts
  • Mounting hardware
  • Standoffs and spacers
  • Access hardware
  • Panel mounting hardware

Hardware insertion requires cutting holes (round, square, or other shapes) through which we insert your choice of clinch hardware. We use our Haeger compression hardware insertion machines to fasten the hardware to your fabricated parts.

How Does Hardware Insertion Work?

Unlike welding, which uses heat by flame or electrical current to melt metals together, attaching hardware using hardware insertion machinery uses engineering and pressure to fix parts into the sheet metal of your sheet metal parts.

Many inserted fasteners feature dovetail or barbed designs at the point of attachment where the fixture mounts to the sheet metal. Our Haeger hardware insertion machines then apply pressure to push the hardware for insertion into the sheet metal, displacing the material around the insertion base to clinch and fuse the sheet metal material with the dovetail hardware design.

Partner with a Dependable Hardware Insertion Company in Everett Today

At Evans Manufacturing, we’re proud to offer family-owned sheet metal fabrication with hardware insertion in Everett. If you ever have a disappointing experience ordering parts from us, we will make it right.

We can fully customize any order for our customers and strive to help our customers solve their fabrication problems. Contact us at Evans Manufacturing for metal fabrication with hardware insertion in Everett, WA.

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