How to Start an Apple Orchard

10 November, 2021

Looking for advice on how to start an apple orchard?

Whether you’re interested in starting your apple orchard as a hobby or as a business investment, this article will help you understand the questions to ask before beginning the process as well as where to find the best orchard supplies for your project.

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How To Start An Apple Orchard

First off, what is an apple orchard?

An apple orchard is a place where you intentionally plant and maintain apple trees for the purpose of getting an apple harvest.

There are many other types of fruit orchards that agriculture enthusiasts can plant and maintain, however, apple orchards are among the most popular (especially in Washington State).


Tips For Planting An Apple Orchard

When it comes to growing apples, it’s important to start out on the right foot.

It’s not easy to reverse mistakes that are made in the early stages of planting an apple orchard, so it’s essential to be informed and intentional when you plant your orchard.

Here are six basic steps for how to start an orchard:

  1. Consume a lot of information about growing and maintaining an apple orchard (read books, watch YouTube videos, talk with other orchard growers).
  2. Assess the area where you’d like to plant your orchard and figure out what work needs to be done to the area before planting.
  3. Design the layout of your orchard (how far apart you will need to space trees, etc.).
  4. Prepare the planting site by optimizing the soil and drainage.
  5. Find an apple tree grower and buy your trees.
  6. Plant your apple orchard.


How To Start An Apple Orchard Business

If you are learning how to start an apple orchard because you’re hoping to start an apple orchard business, here are some basic questions you should ask before starting an apple orchard business:

  • How large of an orchard will you need in order to make your orchard profitable?
  • Do you have the equipment and agricultural experience needed to start an apple orchard business, or are those you need to acquire?
  • What is the estimated start up cost for your apple orchard business?
  • How many people will you need to hire to assist you with your apple orchard business?
  • Will you need to put up fencing around your orchard to keep deer and other wildlife out?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy for how to get your orchard’s name out there?


Where To Get Your Apples Orchard Supplies

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