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Are you looking for metal parts manufacturing in Seattle? Look no further. Evans Manufacturing is a dependable metal manufacturing company, staffed by team members who have a long working history in Seattle’s metal fabrication industry. 

Whether you need a one-off prototype or are looking for a shop to mass-produce metal parts, our skilled metal manufacturers will get the job done. We’re proud to work with companies and individuals and are able to adjust our processes to meet the scope and budget of your metal parts project. 

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Our Metal Parts Fabrication Services in Seattle

Here at Evans Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of metal parts fabrication services. Below are listed just a few of them. If you have any questions about our metal fabrication services, give our Seattle shop a call. Our team of metal parts fabrication specialists would be happy to answer your questions or start creating your custom quote for your project. 

Here’s a glimpse of what our metal parts fabrication capabilities include:

Laser Cutting for Metal Parts

At Evans Manufacturing, we have laser cutting equipment that enables us quickly and precisely cut out metal parts. Due to the speed that laser cutting allows us, we are able to accommodate orders from small Seattle startups that expect to see rapid growth. As your company grows, we can keep up with metal part fabrication due to our roster of laser cutting equipment.

Metal Parts Welding

Quality welding ensures that your metal parts are of high integrity. Bad welding produces weaker metal parts that are more likely to crack or fail than those that have been carefully welded. Here at Evans Manufacturing, we have strict in-house quality controls that ensure each welded metal part leaving our Seattle shop meets our high standards.

Metal Bending

During the fabrication process, metal parts sometimes require metal bending. Executing precise bends takes skill and specialized equipment. Here at Evans Manufacturing, we have both. Whether you require a simple or a complex series of bends, Evans has you covered.

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