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Looking for a dependable Seattle wire-bending shop? You’ve come to the right place. The dedicated team here at Evan’s Manufacturing has been working with metal since the late 80s, giving us the know-how to optimize our processes for the unique needs of your wire-bending order. 

We take pride in our quick turnaround, short lead times, and the ability to deliver dependable results for both small and large orders. Our commitment to clear communication and customer service means that you can rest easy, knowing that you’ll get exactly what you ordered, on time, and without any surprises. 

So if you need professional wire-bending services in Seattle, give Evan’s Manufacturing a call today. Or, if you’re unsure if wire bending is the type of service you need, this page will explain what wire bending is and what our capabilities are.

What is Wire Bending?

Wire bending is the practice of bending and cutting the wire to achieve the desired form. Using CNC (computer numerical control) wire-bending machines, our wire-bending specialist is able to achieve, with exact precision, your desired wire cut, and form. While there are other methods of wire bending, CNC wire bending is one of the most common types and can be used to achieve a wide range of completed wire forms.

Custom Wire-Bending Services in Seattle

Here at Evan’s Manufacturing in Seattle, we are proud to provide wire-bending services to meet the unique needs of companies in a wide variety of industries.

We use a robust Wafios CNC wire-bending machine. At the helm, our CNC operator, Jonathan, quickly produces accurate and precise bends, ensuring that your wire order passes our rigorous quality control processes and is manufactured on time.

About Evan’s Manufacturing in Seattle

Here at Evan’s Manufacturing in Seattle, we believe in quality workmanship, efficiency, and open communication. Working with Evan’s Manufacturing guarantees that you will be interacting with a committed team of wire-bending professionals. We have a passion, not only for exceeding the expectations of our clients, but also for helping the Seattle businesses that we work with thrive and grow.

By working with Evan’s Manufacturing, you are securing quality wire-bending workmanship and straightforward customer service for your project.

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To learn more about our wire-bending services or other metal manufacturing capabilities, contact Evan’s Manufacturing in Seattle today. We are happy to answer any questions you have about wire bending and our production capabilities.

Contact our team today and let us help bend your wire products to life. You can reach us by phone or send us an email via this contact form.

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