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Do you need Lynnwood metal parts manufacturing you can trust? You’ve come to the right place with Evans Manufacturing Company – there’s no better company to order custom metal parts from for your personal or business project. We provide high-quality fabrication and parts manufacturing services for all your project needs, big and small.


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Where to Find a Reliable Metal Parts Manufacturing in Lynnwood

Since the 80s, Evans Manufacturing has been manufacturing custom parts for your needs. The unique demands for parts manufacturing are specific to each customer, which is why we provide excellent customer service and affordable prices for Lynnwood metal parts manufacturing and fabrication. We uphold a high standard of excellence as expert metal parts manufacturers.

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Our Metal Parts Fabrication Services

Why should you choose us as your Lynnwood precision parts manufacturer? Our extensive experience working in the industry has made us metal parts experts. From fabrication to manufacturing, we want to facilitate the engineering process with you.

Passion for Making Metal Parts

We have a passion for metal parts manufacturing, and it spans multiple generations of our family-owned business.

On-Time Delivery

We manufacture precision parts with your project’s deadline in mind, ensuring they arrive in a timely fashion.

Top Tier Product Quality

We are constantly striving to improve existing parts fabrication processes, subsequently increasing our production quality.

Smooth & Straightforward Transaction

Our payment process is straightforward and painless. We’ll give you an accurate quote for your custom metal parts fabrication and manufacturing project so you know what to expect.

Our Metal Parts Manufacturing Services


Welding allows us to fuse metal and other parts, including pipes and sheet metal. At Evans Manufacturing, we take special care when welding to ensure it increases structural integrity and does not harm it.

CNC Wire Forming and Bending

Our wire forming and bending, also known as wiremaking services, allow us to shape your wire products precisely. Our team measures and bends metal for wires with the latest manufacturing technology.

Sheet Metal Bending

Press brakes allow for sheet metal bending to create tools and more. Let us craft you the ideal prototype parts for your project in the medical, agricultural, or energy industries with our sheet metal bending services.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Similar to bending, cutting sheet metal is no easy task and requires high-powered equipment. Our latest 2D laser cutting technology allows us to manufacture parts with sheet metal quickly and precisely.


If your project still needs finishing, but you don’t have access to the right people, our post-processing services can help you find the right professionals to complete your metal parts project in Lynnwood.

Benefits of Professional Metal Parts Manufacturing Services

Requesting the services of a metal parts expert in the Lynnwood area, such as Evans Manufacturing Company, offers a significant amount of benefits to your precision parts manufacturing, including:

  • Ensuring quality fabrication: When you work with us, you can ensure the final product is of the highest quality we can provide.
  • Saving time and money: We offer affordable services, taking your budget into consideration to ensure you can afford the project and receive it on time.
  • Get exactly what you want: Our manufacturing process is all about your specific project details and how we can help you create what you envision.

Schedule a Lynnwood Metal Parts Manufacturing Service Today!

In Lynnwood, finding a manufacturing company that handles projects of all sizes with care is necessary to make your project succeed. Our manufacturing professionals are at your service to turn your ideas into reality, whether it’s a personal project or a work endeavor.

When you need Lynnwood metal parts manufacturing and fabrication, don’t put your project on hold. Contact us when you need custom parts or reliable post-processing at 360-205-9967.


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