Sheet Metal Bending in Snohomish, WA

When custom fabricating parts for our customers, we often use different bending tools to shape the laser-cut sheet metal into the final part design. Turn to our family-owned and -operated custom shop at Evans Manufacturing for sheet metal bending in Snohomish, WA.

Whether you need us to bend full panels of sheet metal or intricate parts, we’re ready to put our CNC press brakes to work to create your custom parts.

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Sheet Metal Bending

Bending sheet metal can include several shapes and angles. Whether you want to attach two pieces without using welding or need a specific angle for a part, we have the tools and experience to bend the forms you need into your metal fabricated parts.

Metal bending requires heavy mechanical force for larger pieces and precision for thin pieces of sheet metal. Bending can produce numerous shapes, including:

  • Flanges of any angle
  • Open or closed hems
  • Large radius bump-forming

Using the right bending equipment is essential to form parts like brackets, panels, enclosures, machine guards, and other parts.


sheet metal bender snohomish


Process of Sheet Metal Bending

There are many processes involved in bending different forms of sheet metal into a finished piece, including:

  • Air Bending. For parts where the angle is less important, air bending with a press brake machine can quickly add an angle to sheet metal by pressing a sheet of metal between two angled dies. A punch brake pushes the top die downward to create the bend in the sheet metal inside the lower die. The lower die has an angle, usually in a V-shape.
  • Bottoming. For accurately defined angles, bottom bending uses a special V-shaped die in a press brake machine to control the angle of the bend in the sheet metal by cutting slightly into the material to prevent material springback after relieving the pressure from the brake.
  • Coining. Coining offers the cleanest angle of any press brake method but requires retooling and extreme pressures to push the punch tip into the metal. It uses a similar concept to bottoming, but the tip goes beyond the neutral axis of the bend.
  • Roll Forming. Roll forming, sometimes called roll bending, uses rollers to pass a sheet of metal or cut piece to form a pressed curve. This method can also apply to tubes, pipes, beams, and other parts.
  • Bump Forming. Sometimes called step bending, bump forming involves dividing the angle of a curve into smaller parts for a press brake rather than a roller. So if you need a large radius greater than a single punch can produce, a professional sheet metal bender can set up the machine to create a stepped curve with several wide-angle bends.


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Why Partner with Us?

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality, consistent sheet metal parts to our customers in the greater Seattle area and across the country. As a smaller parts fabrication shop, at Evans Manufacturing Company, we can focus on problem-solving for our customers while remaining competitive with similar producers in the area.

We value integrity as a family-owned business. If you are ever dissatisfied with your custom sheet metal parts order, we will do our best to correct any issues with your parts.

Industries We Serve

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we provide custom sheet metal parts fabrication and bending across numerous area industries, including:


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