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Do you need custom services for sheet metal bending in Lynnwood? Evans Manufacturing Co. is here for you. We have been working with sheet metal since the 1980s and consider ourselves expert sheet metal benders. We can provide the perfect product for your next project.


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Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending is the process of creating precise shapes and textures out of sheet metal or stainless steel. The act of bending sheet metal requires advanced knowledge of special equipment as well as an artistic touch. 

Sheet metal bending can be as simple as making a piece of corrugated metal, or it can be as complex as a product needing ten or more bends and shapes. A variety of industries use sheet metal, from energy to agriculture. No matter what you need sheet metal fabrication for, we can provide it.

Wide Range of Bending Angles We Use

At Evans Manufacturing Co., we use various angles on our press brakes machines to make unique shapes according to your specifications. We can create both obtuse and acute angles and sheet metal seams, corrugated metal, and flat and open hems. No matter the complexity of the shape you want us to make, we have the tools and talent to get it done. 

With all of these options, we can create beautiful and elaborate pieces of metal. We are confident that we can provide bending services to meet your needs.

Sheet Metal Bending Applications

Sheet metal bending has applications in many industries, and we have created products that serve all kinds of purposes. The various applications of sheet metal bending depend largely on the projects that we have. 

We never turn down an opportunity to do some sheet metal bending in Lynnwood, even if that means that we are working with a new industry. With each new product that we create, we have an opportunity to learn about the industry and the role of our product in it. 

The following sections will discuss different products that we create and industries that we commonly work with. Each uses our sheet metal fabrication products for different applications.

Products Designed With Sheet Metal Bending

We create sheet metal pieces for a variety of industries, both as final products and as components of a larger piece of machinery. Our sheet metal products can be found in applications like:

  •       Downspouts
  •       Column covers
  •       Ventilation ductwork
  •       Machine guards 

Many industries use products made from fabricated metal. If you need sheet metal bending services for your product or industry, consider Evans Manufacturing Co.

Industries Served

Evans Manufacturing Co. has developed sheet metal products for multiple industries, such as creating materials for home services like downspouts and ductwork. These products are often found in residential homes and need to be made precisely and with high-quality materials. 

We also work in the energy and agriculture sectors. Most of the time, our clients use fabricated sheet metal in heavy machinery for these industries. Our products need to be sturdy and made with care to ensure that the machinery works properly. 

Finally, we provide products for industries like military and defense, as well as aerospace and avionics. Generally, our products in these industries are complex components of specialized equipment. The sheet metal needs to be of a specific weight and be of certain dimensions to work precisely. 

We take our work seriously no matter what industry uses our products. We understand that if our fabricated sheet metal is not the exact shape and size necessary, our clients waste resources and might even risk lives.


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