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At Evans Manufacturing, we’re the leading choice for precision bending of sheet metal in Arlington, VA. Our machine shop has been producing exceptional quality sheet metal bends for 35 years, which is why you can trust in our expertise, skill, and talent. With fast turnaround times and uncompromising quality, our services for custom sheet metal bending are top-notch.

Bending Sheet Metal

The process of bending sheet metal involves taking a piece of metal and transforming it into a custom shape. It requires a fair measure of skill and precision and a lot of high-tech equipment to ensure that each bend has consistently precise measurements. The equipment applies force, heat, physics, or a combination of the three to angle the metal into the desired shape.


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Sheet Metal Bending Arlington

Types of Sheet Metal Bends

The bending process may sound simple, but it’s actually quite complex. However, our team has experience with all the following bending techniques and can quickly and easily fabricate custom bends for any project you need.

Air Bending

Air bending is one of the most common processes for bending sheet metal. It requires a press brake, a punching tool, and sometimes a V-opening bottom die. Air bending doesn’t require retooling to create different bend angles, which makes the process quick and inexpensive.


Bottoming, also called bottom bending, is another standard process for bending sheet metal. It’s similar to coining, but it doesn’t require as much sheer force, and the punch and die don’t fully touch the metal while the bend is forming.


Coining also uses a press brake but requires more force and tonnage than air bending or bottoming. In addition, the coining process (the name comes from a method used to make pennies) thins the metal when the punch and die come into contact with it, which is why it’s ideal for making incredibly precise angle bends.


Folding is ideal for large pieces of sheet metal and requires clamping beams and exact measurements. The clamping beams hold the sheet metal and then move upwards to form the actual crease on the bend profile at exactly the required angle.


The wiping process is similar to folding because it also uses clamping beams that move to form the bend. However, during wiping, the beams move across the surface of the sheet metal. This process can sometimes cause scratches or dings. That’s why it’s perfect for projects where aesthetic considerations aren’t important.

Roll Bending

Roll bending uses a mechanical jig with rollers to move the piece of sheet metal, creating a circular, arc-shaped bend. The sheet metal bender feeds the piece of metal between the rollers, forming the curve.

Step Bending

The process of step bending uses many small, close-together bends to form one larger angle. Although the process is intricate, it also provides a high level of control and precision for the sheet metal bender.

Applications for Bending Sheet Metal

At our state-of-the-art shop in Arlington, we perform bending services to our client’s exact specifications. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Machine guards
  • Column covers
  • Ventilation ductwork
  • Downspouts
  • Custom projects

No matter why our clients need our services, we have the special equipment and skills to handle it. If you’re unsure of your needs, call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Industries We Serve

Since sheet metal is integral to such a wide range of industries and businesses, creating strong, durable, and precise bends is paramount. Here in Arlington, we’re proud to serve many different local and national industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Military and Defense
  • OEMs

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