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When you need sheet metal laser cutting and metal parts fabrication in Snohomish, WA, turn to the experienced custom laser cutting services at Evans Manufacturing Company. We offer custom cut sheet metal parts, including parts bending, laser etching, and welding.

Every custom fabricated metal part we make in our family-owned shop starts with laser cutting metal panels, then bending, finishing, welding, and coating your parts. We can even custom engrave part numbers, QR codes, logos, and more with our laser engraver. When searching for “laser cutting near me” in Snohomish, turn to Evans Manufacturing Company.

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting in Snohomish, WA

We use a high-powered laser to cut forms from sheet metal panels faster and more efficiently than other sheet metal cutting processes like CNC punching or waterjet cutting. With laser cutting, we can also scale for a one-off piece, a large order, or recurring batch orders for custom cut sheet metal parts.

Snohomish High-Quality Laser Cutting Services

Our sheet metal laser cutting services offer some benefits over other types of sheet metal cutting methods, including:

  • Shorter setup times
  • Cost-effective setup and run
  • Faster cutting and fabrication timelines
  • Cleaner cut edges

We can make flat parts cut directly from the sheet metal panel, like braces, brackets, frames, and more. Or we can use our laser cutting tools as the first step in our metal parts fabrication process, followed by edge finishing, metal bending, welding, laser engraving, metal coating, and other processes to complete your final part.

Snohomish sheet metal cutting

How Does Snohomish Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

We specialize in making fully custom sheet metal parts, including brackets, braces, machine guards, and more. We can also help you reverse-engineer a replacement part for an older piece of equipment if necessary.

Some of our customers are larger manufacturers who order parts from us as their preferred Snohomish Tier 2 parts supplier, then assemble the parts we make for them into their final product. However, many customers need custom solutions for parts fabrication and sheet metal laser cutting, and we’re happy to help them solve their problems from planning to complete assembly.

We serve several industries with custom sheet metal parts solutions, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Food Production
  • Dairy
  • Security
  • Energy
  • And more

Snohomish laser cutting sheet metal


About Our Sheet Metal Cutting Snohomish Services

At Evans Manufacturing Company, we’re a small, responsive team who loves helping our customers solve parts fabrication issues. In our family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide consistent, high-quality parts.

We can scale orders to meet demand at affordable rates with our easy setup laser cutting equipment. Integrity is our top priority, and we strive to correct any issues a customer may have with an order if they are ever unsatisfied with their parts.


FAQs About Snohomish Metal Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Services

How Do Lasers Cut Through Metal?

A laser cutter will focus a beam of light using optics to penetrate the metal and vaporize the material to create a cut edge. Different types of lasers and higher-power lasers can cut through different metals and thicknesses more easily.


What Laser Is Used for Sheet Metal Cutting?

Most laser cutting shops use either CO2 and fiber optic to cut through sheet metal for metal parts fabrication. While many shops still use CO2, fiber optic is quickly becoming the industry standard.


How Do I Find Metal Laser Cutting Near Me?

Look online for “sheet metal cutting near me,” but if you’re in or near Snohomish, WA, call us at Evans Manufacturing Company.


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For experienced sheet metal laser cutting and metal parts fabrication in Snohomish, WA, contact us at Evans Manufacturing. Call us today or contact us online to get a custom cut sheet metal parts quote.



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