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Come to Evans Manufacturing Company if you need wire bending in Edmonds, WA. Our top-quality wire-formed items are indispensable components across all industries. We use superior fabrication processes to introduce angles, curves, and coils into straight wires, to create whatever two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms you desire.

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Quality Wire Bending Services in Edmonds, Washington

Evans Manufacturing’s superior wire bending services utilize techniques refined over many decades. Our tools range from manual forming and four-slides, all the way to our state-of-the-art, powerful Wafios CNC wire bending machinery. We can create both simple and complex components for a variety of consumer products.

Benefits of Working with Our Edmonds Wire Bending Shop

Evans Manufacturing is your one-stop wire bending shop in Edmonds, WA. We are fully equipped to produce your parts or formed components for larger assemblies and weldments. Our versatile artisans are ready to fabricate wire products to your exact standards and specifications with speed and precision.

Whatever you need, we can manufacture it. Partner with us to enjoy these unique benefits:

  • We can work wire in a wide range of diameters, tempers, and grades of metals and alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum.
  • If you need a custom solution, our dedicated team will guide you through all stages from the initial design to planning and production.
  • No job is too big or too small—we’re geared up to mass-produce high volumes or just a few special items.


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Our Wire Bending Process

Wire forming is a highly specialized process that transforms spooled coils or blank lengths of wire into the required shape and configuration. Evans Manufacturing follows a stepwise process that ensures quality, consistency, and accuracy every time:

Evaluation and Design Development

We start by considering every aspect of your design, from the initial concept to choosing the right materials. Our team examines all the factors that may affect the final product.

Reviewing the Final Version

With your goals in mind and the intended function of the finished item, we select the most efficient fabrication method with the shortest lead time.

Starting the Wire Forming Process

We tool up and create a single prototype. This is rigorously tested to ensure it functions optimally. After uncoiling and straightening the wire into a workable state, we start wire forming the products.

Adjustments and the Final Stages

Production is carefully monitored according to our strict quality assurance policy. Adjustments in the process or software controls may be necessary to ensure that the products meet our exacting standards.

Welding and Finishing

If required, we complete the products with joining welds or weld them into final assemblies. We also offer a range of surface finishes to suit your application and for aesthetic appeal and durability.


Standard Components Made with Wire Bending

Evans Manufacturing can fabricate a virtually limitless repertoire of common wire components. This includes baskets, clips, connectors, frames, fasteners, grids, handles, hangers, hooks, levers, pins, snaps, split rings, spreader bars, springs, trays, and so much more.


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Evans Manufacturing Company is the best CNC wire bender in the area and offers a host of other metalworking services for your convenience. Contact us today for expert advice and unrivaled service.

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