Custom Sheet Metal Laser Cutting in Arlington, WA

If you need custom laser cutting services or sheet metal parts fabrication in Arlington, WA, look no further than Evans Manufacturing Company. Our family-owned parts fabrication shop offers custom sheet metal laser cutting for anyone who needs sheet metal cutting and parts fabrication, whether you are a large manufacturer or someone who needs a custom-manufactured solution.

We offer a full range of services for sheet metal parts fabrication, including sheet metal cutting, metal bending, welding, finishing, metal coating, and laser engraving. We can offer custom laser cutting services for flat parts or manipulate cut pieces into finished parts. Don’t search for “laser cutting near me,” call us today!

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Arlington

Using a high-powered laser, we can cut shapes from sheet metal to form flat parts like frames, brackets, braces, and more. We can also use laser cutting in the first step of metal parts fabrication, then manipulate the pieces into a part using bending, welding, finishing, and engraving.

Arlington High-Quality Laser Cutting Services

Other sheet metal cutting methods like CNC punch or waterjet don’t offer the same advantages as sheet metal laser cutting. Waterjet methods have their place and advantages, but sheet metal parts are almost always best cut on a laser. Some of the benefits of laser cutting metal panels for parts include:

  • Cost-effective setup and run
  • Shorter setup times than other cutting equipment
  • Cleaner cut edges
  • Quick cut times

Laser cutting makes metal parts fabrication much more budget-friendly, with faster turnaround times and a higher reliability for accurate cuts than other sheet metal cutting services.


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How Does Arlington Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Our laser cutting services are often the first step in metal parts fabrication. We can create custom metal parts from sheet metal using various techniques to shape the parts, weld pieces together, create a protective coating, and even assemble all the pieces into your final product.

Some of our customers are major manufacturers who place large orders for a part they will use to create a final product in their manufacturing process. We also provide parts manufacturing solutions for one-off orders, including replicating hard-to-find replacement parts or developing custom cut sheet metal parts for a specific use.

We support several industries with our sheet metal laser cutting services and parts fabrication, including:

  • Dairy
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Computers and Technology
  • Security
  • Marine
  • Medicine
  • And more

About Our Sheet Metal Cutting Arlington Services

Sheet metal is highly cost-effective for custom parts fabrication, and we can easily and affordably scale orders with our laser cutting equipment. At Evans Manufacturing Company, we pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality parts. We love to help our customers solve problems with a small, dedicated team ready to manufacture solutions.

As a family-owned business, we strive for complete customer satisfaction, served with integrity. If a customer is ever not satisfied with their custom parts, we will do our best to make it right.


Arlington laser cutting services

FAQs About Arlington Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Services

Why Is Sheet Metal the Best Option for Custom Parts?

Sheet metal offers flexible options for the type of metal, thickness, and durability. Starting with sheet metal allows a fabricator to fully customize a part out of a solid metal panel and cut, bend, weld, and coat the part to resist heavy stress loads, frequent movement, weathering, and other conditions that can wear parts down over time.

How Do I Find Sheet Metal Cutting Near Me?

While you can search online for “metal laser cutting near me,” if you are near Arlington, WA, call us for sheet metal cutting and custom parts.

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We are a family-owned metal cutting and parts fabrication shop serving Arlington, WA, and the surrounding areas. If you need consistent quality parts, contact us at Evans Manufacturing Company. Call us today or contact us online for a quote on our sheet metal laser cutting services.

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