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Wire bending is the process of creating parts out of solid wire, whether from coil or rod. Wire bending is a very efficient fabrication process because there is no material removal as in machining, except for perhaps chamfering of the ends of the part.

This efficiency combined with the passion and experience of the Evan’s Manufacturing team means customers save time and money while maximizing quality and satisfaction.

Quality Metal Fabrication Services In Arlington

Evan’s Manufacturing is a comprehensive metal parts fabrication shop. Our CNC wire forming and bending services are some of the best in the Arlington area, and can be used conjointly with our other services to complete your project.  In addition to wire bending services, we also offer:

Professional Wire Bender In Arlington

Wire products are used in many different industries, so having a reliable vendor is very important. Evan’s Manufacturing has been a trustworthy partner of industries in the Arlington area一 such as the medical, energy, and agricultural industries一 for decades.

Our team consists of designers, technicians, and engineers fueled by passion and guided by years of experience. We aim to provide excellent quality wire parts and worthwhile customer experience.

Our Wire Bending Process

Evan’s Manufacturing uses Wafios CNC wire bending machinery to fabricate wire parts. This machinery guarantees precision and repeatability. Our team can provide assistance in the initial design and will be consistently communicative throughout the entire subsequent process.

Initial Evaluation

This first step is very important to understand the full scope of your project. Knowing how the wire parts are intending to be used will influence manufacturing decisions. Being aware of all important parameters will enable our team to follow a more accurate timeline.

Design Development

Our clients are heavily involved in this step. If you know exactly what end product you need, we can begin filling the details to create a complete plan. However, if you do not have a fully clear idea, we can help narrow down the specifics of what you need.

Reviewing the Final Version

Clients will always have final approval on proposed plans. During this stage of the process, small adjustments will be made. This review step is a chance to double-check all details before getting started.

Starting The Wire Forming Process

On request, Evans is happy to make a sample wire. This can be helpful as it allows the design to be tested for correct sizing and structure. If everything is satisfactory, it will move on to production.

Final Adjustments

The final step is to complete any final requirements of design such as chamfering of the ends of the part.

Quality Assessment

Quality control is present during every stage of our process. From beginning to end, we have the systems needed to ensure a quality part is accurately manufactured every time.

Packing and Delivery

Evan’s Manufacturing is able to meet just about any requirement for packing and delivery that your business needs to ensure the work ends up in your hands safely and in order.

Benefits of Working With Evan’s Manufacturing Wire-Bending Shop

Evan’s Manufacturing has decades of experience serving local industries. Our skilled wire team is able to work with you to produce customized orders. Whether it is a one-time order of 500 or a repeat order of 50, our team will diligently provide high-quality wire parts. 

In addition, our Wafios CNC wire bending machinery is top-grade. The machinery used in our shop is efficient, saving customers on cost and maximizing schedules.

Give Our Arlington Shop A Call Today

The team at Evan’s Manufacturing strives to provide the best customer experience possible. With a commitment to clear and consistent communication, reliable timelines, and superior standards of production, we continue to serve Arlington and beyond. 

If you would like more information about our wire bending process, have any questions, or would like to request a quote for a specific project, please contact us today!

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