Custom Sheet Metal Laser Cutting in Everett, WA

If you need a sheet metal parts fabricator in Everett, turn to Evans Manufacturing. We use fast and affordable sheet metal laser cutting in our parts fabrication processes. Get the high-quality parts you need quickly when you call Evans Manufacturing in Everett.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet metal laser cutting uses a high-powered laser to cut shapes from sheet metal panels. Laser cutting is often more cost effective and faster than other alternatives cutting processes, such as CNC punching or waterjet cutting, meaning a faster turnaround time and savings we can pass on to you.

Metal Laser Cutting Service

There are many benefits to choosing custom laser cutting services in your parts fabrication. Compared to other sheet metal cutting methods, laser cutting services:

  • have shorter setup times
  • are more cost-effective
  • reduce total fabrication times
  • cut cleaner edges

We can use our metal laser cutting services to cut parts from the sheet, such as flat frames, braces, brackets, and more. Or we can use laser cutting as part of the overall process of metal parts fabrication to cut the parts before bending and welding into the final fabricated part.

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How Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Once we cut the sheet metal into shapes, we can manipulate the metal pieces into your parts. Evans Manufacturing is a Tier 2 parts supplier for numerous industries. We specialize in making the parts you need for your final product assembly, including machine guards, brackets, fascia panels, column covers, and more.

We can bend, weld, and assemble your pieces into parts. Most of our customers are larger manufacturers who use the parts we fabricate in a larger final product. Many customers come to us for custom-cut parts from as simple as a 2d shape and all the way through final assembly and finish, and everything in between.

Contact us for sheet metal fabrication of parts for manufacturing in:

  • agriculture and dairy
  • food service
  • security
  • marine components
  • medicine
  • energy
  • computers and technology
  • and more

About Our Sheet Metal Cutting Everett Services

At Evans Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality parts. We help our customers solve manufacturing problems with a small, responsive team. As a family-owned business, integrity is our primary goal. If a customer is ever not satisfied with an order, we strive to make it right.

With laser cutting, we can affordably scale orders to meet demand due to the cost-efficiency of setup times of our laser cutting machines. Sheet metal is also one of the most cost-effective materials for the fabrication of parts with high demands. A reputable manufacturer like Evans Manufacturing can help your business acquire the parts you need quickly and affordably.

Contact an Everett Sheet Metal Cutting Service Today!

Evans Manufacturing is a family-owned business serving Everett, WA, for laser cutting and metal parts fabrication. We pride ourselves on making consistent quality parts. If you ever find that your order isn’t up to your standards, we’ll make it right. Call us today at 360-205-9967 to learn more about our sheet metal laser cutting.

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