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Evans Manufacturing Company is family-owned and has decades of experience in custom sheet metal cutting Lynnwood. Our team believes in quality work, honest and upfront communication, and timely delivery. You can trust our dedication to quality control and accurate sheet metal services.

The Evans Manufacturing Company uses cutting-edge laser technology that we can scale to your needs. Whether you’re a large company with recurring orders or an individual seeking a single piece for a project, our team has you covered.


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laser cutting of steel sheets on a cnc laser machine

Sheet Metal Cutting Services in Lynnwood

Your sheet metal project deserves the highest quality of service and accuracy. In Evans Manufacturing, we have streamlined our metal fabrication services and sheet metal cutting services. We aim for optimal efficiency, from inquiry and quotes to manufacturing and shipping.

The Evans Manufacturing Company has been working in sheet metal and metal fabrication services since the 1980s. Our experience has led us to innovate and strive for the highest quality sheet metal cutting for Lynnwood and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Our Laser Sheet Metal Cutting

There are many benefits to hiring a professional precision parts manufacturer like the Evans Manufacturing Company. We’ve focused on the three primary benefits of laser sheet metal cutting for Lynnwood and the surrounding areas.

Improved Precision

Laser cutting is the most precise way to cut sheet metal. This sheet metal cutting style leaves clean edges without aggravating imperfections. Snips and shears simply can’t compete with the precision that laser cutting lends to perfecting your project.


Using laser cutting will also reduce the manufacturing time required for sheet metal cutting in Lynwood. Lasers cut through the metal far more quickly than any other sheet metal cutting approach.

Low Project Cost

Because lasers are so fast and precise, you can save money on the projected costs of your project. Reduce your production costs while still maintaining clean edges and precision cuts in record time.

Our Sheet Metal Cutting Lynnwood Process

Our team follows a process to offer full-service sheet metal cutting in Lynnwood. Take a look at how we will handle your order:

  •       Inquiry – Ask about our services and explain your needs
  •       Quote – Receive a quote for your sheet metal cutting project
  •       Place the order
  •       Manufacturing begins
  •       Quality control – inspection
  •       Shipment – your custom sheet metal pieces are delivered on budget and on time.


Our Sheet Metal Cutting Equipment

We use laser cutting machines to cut metal for projects of all sizes. In addition to offering sheet metal cutting in Lynnwood, we also provide:

  •       Welding
  •       Sheet metal bending
  •       Sheet metal laser cutting
  •       CNC wire forming and bending
  •       Post-processing services

Evans Manufacturing Company offers these customizable metal shaping and cutting options to Lynnwood and surrounding areas. We have the equipment to handle large and small projects and most of your sheet metal needs. Just let us know what you need.


Benefits of Laser Cutting for Sheet Metal

Use our sheet metal laser cutting service to ensure clean edges, perfect sizing, and easier completion of your metal projects. Custom sheet metal laser cutting doesn’t have to be an expensive personal investment. Allow the Evans Manufacturing Company to handle it for you.

Remember that laser cutting for sheet metal offers:

  •       Precision
  •       Efficiency
  •       Lower project costs

With such benefits from professional precision parts makers like Evans Manufacturing, you’ll never have to worry about poor metal cuts again.


Hire a Reliable Sheet Metal Cutting Service in Lynnwood

Evans Manufacturing Company offers reliable Lynwood sheet metal cutting services. We aim to serve those that other manufacturers have denied. We won’t turn down projects here, from small and medium sheet metal cutting Lynnwood.

Need sheet metal cutting in Lynnwood? Contact us at 360-217-0659 to discuss your small orders for metal fabrication or prototypes. We’re here to meet your metal manufacturing needs for small to medium projects.


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